Sitn Sleep Mattress - Made $500 scratch to our private property

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments
Not resolved

Sit'n Sleep Delivery people scratched our car with a box-cutter. They caused $500.00 damage and they denied responsibility from minute one. They gave us the run-around for two months: they misled us, avoided our phone calls, they asked for police reports and then they denied any responsibility.

Their Insurance carrier finally gave us the boot. He told us that the only thing we could do was to call our car insurance; then our insurance would call them (sit'n sleep's insurance), and that They would deny any responsibility all over again.

There is no winning against these people!

Consumers go into these retailers to buy their products, but if they cause damage to your private property during delivery, Sit'n Sleep will stick you with the bill...

Review about: Delivery.

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